Lisou's Flying Lady

We Spoke to Lisou's Creative Director Rene Macdonald about the meaning and inspiration behind Lisou's Flying lady design.
The naked lady is a celebration of womanhood.  I spent some time with English sculptor Kate Viner, discussing the final image that I wanted.  The idea was to illustrate a celebration of womanhood.  I wanted an image that showed the stripped back strength, beauty and positivity of womanhood.  She is naked because this is the bare bones of a woman but at the same time I didn’t want her to be at all sexual so we gave her a dancer’s physique which again highlights her strength.

Women’s bodies are incredible things. We give birth to the next generation, we are (in most part) responsible for the care, nurturing and upbringing of future generations.  So, there is a gentle maternal side to us as well as a strength and tenacity brought about by the biological workings of our bodies.  We named her Sheba, after the African Queen. Our hope is that Sheba and the essence of her appears in all of our forthcoming collections. 

In our S/S 18 collection, Sheba appears in a print called the Purple Sheba print.  I loved the idea of putting her on demure midi skirts and ladylike shirts, the juxtaposition of nudity on a more conservative style really appealed to me plus I love the playfulness and the element of surprise when someone really looks at the fabric! It’s like having a little secret and it highlights the wit of the wearer!  For the bolder dresser, there’s the Selah, where Sheba is seen in all her glory while for those who perhaps love the illustration but want a more conservative look, there’s the Paloma where Sheba is hidden within a back pleat.