What does International Women's Day mean to you?

It's an opportunity to really hone in on the power and potential of women and to celebrate and appreciate women as a whole. International Women's Day is always full of such amazing energy and boundless inspiration. It makes you realise how amazing and inspiring it feels when women come together and support each other. 

Do you feel that women in creative fields are supported in their industries?

I think this depends on a lot of factors, but generally speaking, I think more and more women are being encouraged and supported to use their voice and skills; especially when they contribute to the good of others too. There will always be some scenarios in which women may feel unsupported or unheard, but I feel in general there is growing respect and admiration for women doing their own thing and making positive careers for themselves.



How does being a woman affect what you do?

In business, it can sometimes feel like I am not especially heard or taken seriously; mostly just in big business meetings with big boards. Generally, being a woman I think is a blessing for what I do. As a model, this is one of the industries where women are actually paid more than men, and being a female model is a beautiful opportunity as you get to dress and evolve and use the female body in so many ways, in so many different clothes and styles and almost characters. 

It is transformative and although some may argue modeling and fashion in particular exploit women and paint unrealistic pictures of the female body, more and more it is becoming more varied, and more and more I see it as an art, the way a woman can be transformed from one shoot or show to the next. It is expressive. As a writer and voice in wellness, being a women doesn't seem to affect what I do much at all. I suppose it affects or dictates my audience and followers in some way, and possibly the content and topics I write about..

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