What does International Women's Day mean to you?

I guess it’s a way to connect across the entire world, telling stories of women, cherishing them and uplifting them. Over the years lots of women’s stories haven’t been told so it’s a good way to uplift each other. I’m in a production at the moment about Catherine the Great; Tony McNamara who wrote “The Favourite” is great at discovering females from history who have been largely ignored. It’s important to me to be a part of telling these stories. 

Do you feel that women in creative fields are supported in their industries?

Funnily enough I recently had a conversation with a woman doing a dissertation on this subject. Interestingly, we are generally speaking more and we are more aware of what the male and female gaze is. It doesn’t mean that the problems are resolved there are still major fault lines.



Who is your female icon?

Arianna Huffington and female standup comedians because it’s a really difficult industry to push through. Social media has given a lot of women platforms to share things.

What four words describe you best?

Outdoorsy, opportunistic, eco-conscious, aspirational

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