Heidi Bishop


This year Lisou wants to celebrate the power of women. We would like to introduce a monthly feature that supports and brings together an outstanding group of notable women who are leveraging their influence and careers to initiate impact and create change. 


Heidi Bishop 


HB Pottery

Heidi wears the Lip Print Darcy Dress                                                               


You are a ceramicist, what prompted you to explore a career in it?

I love making things and being creative.  Since having children and not being able to travel as much with modelling, ceramics has given me the freedom to explore new outlets.


 Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your ceramics?

My latest collection Fibonacci, explores the idea of symmetry and beauty in nature.



  You recently launched your new ceramics collection; can you tell us more about it?

My Fibonacci collection is a group of contemporary vases and tableware influenced by patterns and structures repeatedly occurring in nature.  They are strong and functional, yet still give the impression of vulnerability.

Heidi wears the Sienna Dress                                                                                          

Heidi wears the Victoire Voile Unisex shirt



 If you could make a piece for anyone in the world, who would it be?

My greatest joy comes from people using my ceramics in their home and dinner tables.  The idea of making tables beautiful so families want to spend more time eating and being together is my main objective. 


 We love to see you wearing Lisou, What is your favourite Lisou piece?

I adore the Betty shirt in the lips pattern, I love pink and this feminine shape works as a foil with jeans and trainers or dressed up with a skirt and heels.  Another firm favourite for its style and versatility is the Isabelle Midi Dress in the Blue hearts print.  I wear this with a denim jacket on the school run or to dinner with navy kitten heels. 


Describe your style in three words?

Laid-back, feminine, and functional 

Heidi wears the blue stripe print Isabelle Midi dress   


 What’s your go to daily look?

Sadly, being in the studio 4 days a week doesn't allow for me to dress up during the day. My daughter says I always look dusty and covered in clay.  I mostly wear jeans, trainers and a nice top, that's where Lisou comes in.  In the evenings, I am a "dress" girl.  I throw on a dress and heels and I am ready to go.  Lisou is perfect for me, the tops and dresses are my go to pieces.



 What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My trusty jeans.  Jeans work for both day and night with a little tweaking. 


 Who is your fashion icon and Why?

I don't have a specific icon, but I do love Jenna Lyons ability to look effortless cool.  She mixes it up with unexpected quirky twists. 

Heidi wears the Isabelle Midi dress                      

Heidi wears the Victoire Voile Unisex shirt


 What would you say to your 20 year old self? 

Don't sweat the small stuff, everything always works out.



 What item are you most likely to pass down?

My daughter already has her eye on a few things...jewellery, dresses, shoes.  She loves shoes!



 Finally what’s next?

I will continue designing and develop my ceramics, while juggling being a mom and wife.  

Those are the things that bring me joy and happiness. 


With thanks to Summerill and Bishop


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