Autumn Collection | Hidden Figures

Lisou's AW20 collection is inspired by the unrecognised power and strength of women. The collection is heavily influenced by the feature film Hidden Figures. The film highlighted the crucial work done by black female mathematicians in the sixties, who worked at NASA during the Space Race, they remained unrecognised until 2015.

Mother Nature also played a big part in this collection, symbolised by the falling leaves and winter berry prints. This Collection is a unique mixture of easily wearable and eclectic bold prints and acting as a sartorial celebration of the female form throughout both gender and nature.

Look 1 :  Madeline Dress
Look 2 : Talia Half Moon Shirt
Eva Red Stripe Skirt 
Look 3 : Eliza Red Stripe Shirt
Hetty Blue Velvet Trouser
Look 4 :  Betty Red Berry Shirt
Gabrielle Green Afro Skirt 
Look 5 : Bailey Green Stripe Shirt
Eva Green Stripe Skirt 
Look 6 : Alina Pink Falling Leaves Dress
Look 7 :  Delphine Pink Love Flower Shirt
Hetty Blue Velvet Trouser
Look 8 : Danielle Dress
Look 9 : Betty Pink Flower Shirt 
Sabine Pink Love Flower Skirt 
Look 10 : Eliza Blue Flying Lady Shirt
Gabrielle Red Afro Skirt 
Look 11 :  Madeline half 
Moon Dress