Leah Wood


This year Lisou wants to celebrate the power of women. We would like to introduce a monthly feature that supports and brings together an outstanding group of notable women who are leveraging their influence and careers to initiate impact and create change. 


Leah Wood 


Leah Wood Artwork

Leah wears the Heart Print Victoire Shirt                                                            


Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your paintings?

The inspiration behind my paintings so far is PLASTIC! As plastic is at the forefront of our minds right now........


Your studio is at home.  What challenges have you found in working  from home?

There are challenges working from home. I find myself having longer breaks, and starting and ending earlier on some days, I also have to take and pick my kids up from school too, so when I do start painting I have to get down to it almost immediately!!!


What does your average day look like?

I wake up, wake the kids, feed the kids, get them ready for school, take them to school, then I come home and eat something and usually get down to painting on my body of work and or check my emails..... sort out general household jobs etc etc. By 3pm I have to get ready for school pick ups and then usually home by 4ish get dinner ready and get homework done, then by about 8:30/9pm kids in bed, by which time I’m pretty much done too.

Leah wears the Betty shirt and Salome trouser                                                                                 

Leah wears the Red Machi Machi




Tell us about your involvement with Women House?

My involvement with WH was painted the whole of the bathroom downstairs, it raises questions and helps to heal what emotions women go through when they are beaten/hit or abused in relationships. As sometimes women are too scared to leave their abusive partners. It’s a house dedicated to those women, to help them get that confidence they need to be a stronger woman, Girl Power!!!. 


Do you have a work dress code?

My work dress code = comfortable (definitely)


Describe your style in three words?

My favourite Lisou item has to be the lip print Betty Shirt and trousers.

Leah wears the Heart Print Victoire Shirt    



Who’s sense of style do you most admire?

I adore Audrey Hepburn’s style!




You’ve grown up surrounded by music.  What impact has this had on your creative process?

 Having music on while I paint is really important to me, it depends on my mood too. Sometimes I will have calming music on and be very Zen, other times I will listen to the radio and have something on in the background other times I will just put on whatever I feel like and go with that! But yes, it spurs me on when I need it most.


  What’s your life mantra?

life mantra = it’s nice to be nice ❤️



And finally, can you tell us about upcoming projects?

 I Have my own jewellery line coming out in October (it’s a small collection) to begin with, it will gradually get bigger with time, so don’t worry 😉 and there will be men’s jewellery in there too!!!! Which is exciting...... and eventually kids jewellery...... very exciting.I’m also working on a body of work which I hope to be exhibiting in the near future so that exciting too!!

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