Extend the life of your Lisou purchases with LAYBL

We’ve partnered with LAYBL on a pilot programme to understand what happens to the products we produce after we sell them as we believe this information is essential to being more sustainable and environmentally conscious about what we create. 

We already design with our future in mind, and using LAYBL will enable us to be even more responsible in our production.

Your connected wardrobe

LAYBL not only provides you with a digital wardrobe of all your purchases, but it brings together care, repair, rent, resell, recycle and donation services in one place so you can track the full lifecycle impact your wardrobe has on the planet. (Please note that some features and functionality may not be available immediately.)

Work with us to be more sustainable

We are proud to be partnering with LAYBL for this pioneering circular solution and believe you will also see the value of this easy-to-use (and free) app.

Get started

You can get started by downloading the app today, and any past and future purchases will automatically be added to your LAYBL app so you have an instant digital wardrobe, making it easy to see what you own, and simpler to sell what you don’t need. 

Getting started couldn’t be easier:

  • Download the app on App Store or Android store.
  • Sign-up for an account through the app (make sure you access your email for the magic link via your phone as well)
  • Any new purchases from Lisou will automatically appear in your LAYBL wardrobe.
  • To download past purchases, navigate to your wardrobe in the app and tap the “bag icon” and you can import by simply selecting Lisou.
If you have any questions relating to the app, please contact admin@laybl.app.