What does International Women's Day mean to you?

Women's International Day is about celebrating women. My team are all women (which happened very naturally) and the business wouldn't be where it is today without them so I'll be celebrating them as well as my girlfriends and mother, who raised a household of strong women (and men!) and is the most incredible woman I know. 

Do you feel that women in creative fields are supported in their industries?

Yes, I actually think women in creative roles are supported more than women in non creative roles. I have been very lucky as I haven't met much opposition and I have found that women have been the most supportive. 



Who is your female icon?

Eileen Grey, an Irish architect and furniture designer. She is the first woman that I think of in terms of design and has a lot to do with why I fell in love with this industry.

 How does being a woman affect your creativity?

It adds a feminine feel to the items we buy and the way we display them. 90% of our customers are women and naturally, I have them women in mind when sourcing new pieces and merchandising the store. 

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